Invisalign® in Jamaica Estates, NY

It may come as a surprise, but with today’s modern technology, getting that beautiful smile has never been easier. Invisalign treatment has revolutionized how people care for their teeth by allowing them to discreetly straighten their smiles in as little time as possible. This revolutionary process provides an effective solution without any severe risks or hassles so that patients can return to living happily and proudly, flashing those pearly whites again!

Invisalign® Explained

As experienced dental professionals, our Jamaica Estates dentists often get asked about the best way to straighten teeth. While several orthodontic options are on the market, one method reigns supreme as the gold standard in clear aligner therapy: Invisalign. As the original clear aligner system, Invisalign straightens teeth without using bulky brackets or wires. The trays are customized to fit your teeth and gradually shift them into perfect alignment over time without sacrificing aesthetics, convenience, or hygiene.

Straight Teeth for Wellness

Straight teeth not only make a smile look more aesthetically pleasing, but they also play a significant role in improving both oral and overall health. With crooked or misaligned teeth, cleaning every nook and cranny is naturally more challenging, leading to plaque buildup and an increased risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

Additionally, straight teeth allow for proper jaw alignment, preventing excessive wear and tear on teeth, improving digestion, and promoting overall well-being. Individuals can significantly improve their oral and overall health by taking steps toward straightening their teeth with Invisalign.

How Invisalign® Works

A stunning, straight smile can be a game-changer for wellness and aesthetics, and the groundbreaking Invisalign system is how Jamaica Estates Dental approaches effective orthodontic treatment. Unlike traditional metal braces that are evident and can cause discomfort to the wearer, Invisalign aligners are virtually invisible and made of a smooth, comfortable material that fits directly over your teeth.

The Invisalign process begins with a comfortable 3D scan of your teeth, which is used to create a personalized treatment plan. Then, we ship your scans to the Invisalign laboratory for fabrication, and custom-made, clear aligners are designed to fit your teeth perfectly and gradually shift them into their desired position.

Throughout your treatment, you should receive a new set of aligners approximately every two weeks, each designed to subtly adjust your teeth until they are appropriately placed. Over time, you’ll notice a dramatic improvement in your smile.

Experience Invisalign® in the Heart of Queens

For some, the idea of braces can be overwhelming (or even seem impossible). Odds are, you already have so much on your plate. From work, family obligations, and hobbies, it isn't easy to imagine adding another responsibility to the list. However, Invisalign treatment could be just what you need if you're struggling with misaligned teeth or crowded spaces in your mouth and need a convenient way to straighten your teeth.

With more and more people turning to Invisalign to solve their dental issues, this revolutionary orthodontic treatment is an excellent option for busy individuals who still want straight teeth without the hassle of traditional braces; if you're interested in Invisalign, contact Jamaica Estates Dental or call (718) 297-3303 to see if this innovative system may be right for you.