Endodontics in Manhattan

When it comes to your oral health, it’s essential to keep an eye out for any issues that may arise. While not always easy to spot, it’s sensible to be aware of the signs that indicate that a root canal may be necessary. Some of the most common signs include severe tooth pain, sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures, tender or swollen gums, discolored or darkened teeth, and the appearance of small bumps on the gums near the affected tooth.

Have you noticed signs of tooth decay or possible infection in your teeth? If the answer is yes, it’s time to talk to Jamaica Estates Dental about endodontic treatment. Our endodontist specializes in these smile-saving treatments, designed to preserve teeth that might otherwise be lost.

Endodontics Defined

The goal of endodontics is to preserve a damaged or infected tooth by removing or treating the pulp, the tooth’s innermost layer. A tooth’s health can be compromised in severe decay or injury, making endodontic treatment necessary to preserve the natural tooth. 

Root Canals and More

Endodontic treatments are relatively common and are performed to save a patient’s tooth from dying after the tooth’s interior has been exposed. The most common endodontic treatment is a root canal, an extensive procedure where the entire pulp is removed, and the root canal system is cleaned and filled to prevent further infection. With advances in technology and techniques, endodontic procedures have become increasingly practical and comfortable for patients.

Don’t take your smile for granted! Book endodontic treatment in Manhattan!

While many patients presume these procedures to be painful, root canals and other endodontic services provide immediate relief from pain or discomfort from their toothache caused by infection or pulp exposure. Fortunately, modern dentistry and anesthetic techniques have made endodontic treatments much less intimidating than ever before. When done carefully and correctly, root canals can help preserve your smile for years!

Endodontic treatment aims to prevent infection and allow the tooth to keep as much natural structure as possible. Don’t put off your treatment if you believe you could benefit from endodontics. If ignored, an infection in your tooth could eventually spread to other teeth or parts of your body, requiring more extensive treatment, like dental extractions.

Bring Your Smile to Glory with Endodontic Treatment

As you can probably imagine, seeking professional advice if you experience tooth pain, sensitivity, cracks, or deep discoloration is crucial to determine if an endodontic procedure (such as a root canal) is necessary. Don’t let your smile suffer a moment longer! Call (516) 407-9561 or message our Manhattan endodontic specialist to keep your teeth looking and feeling their best!