Root Canal Therapy

Living with a painful tooth that just won’t stop aching? We can take care of it! Our skilled dentists can perform a simple root canal to treat your pain and preserve your tooth structure. We’re here to serve the people of Jamaica Estates, NY, and look forward to helping you get free from dental pain and on with your life. Give us a call today to schedule an exam or an appointment! 

What is a Root Canal?

Sometimes, a tooth can become infected. This may happen because the tooth is damaged or because of an untreated cavity and typically results in pain, along with the death and decay of the soft tissue or pulp that is found inside of the tooth. If left alone, the infection can cause the tooth to break apart, may require an extraction, and can even lead to an abscess.

If a tooth is infected, root canal or endodontic therapy can help treat the infection and preserve the existing tooth structure. During a root canal procedure, your dentist will gently clean out the inside of your tooth, removing infected pulp or tissue before packing the tooth full and sealing it up with a filling or a crown. After your root canal is complete, your tooth will function normally but be free from disease and pain.

What Are the Benefits of Root Canal Therapy?

A root canal allows you to treat an infected tooth and prevents further damage from occurring. The root canal procedure is routine, simple, and is completed in a single visit. Your dentist will gently remove any infection from the inside of your tooth and help restore your normal function and appearance. 

  • Remove any infection from your tooth
  • Prevent further damage to your tooth
  • Protect your surrounding teeth and gums
  • Eliminate pain or discomfort caused by the infection

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